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About us

About us

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Spelt.Each grain brings more.....

Behind "Perun" is stay  a  small team , driven by the desire and the inspiration , on the Bulgarian table be available natural wheat grown in Bulgaria, called in antiquity and still known today - Spelt (Triticum spelt)!

A valuable raw material that is highly valued in the countries of Central and Western Europe. We have realized that the challenge of closing the process and creating the final spelt product will be a very serious and responsible task.

From the harvest, through the peeling of the spelt (the grain is removed from the field with its own sheath and additional cleaning is required) to the grinding of the flour and the  produced with it - pasta, couscous, sticks, noodles - all actions , that are part of our daily life!


Due to our rich taste and most of the vitamins, minerals and fibers in our products, we are already part of the table of many Bulgarian families.

We work every day to improve the quality, packaging and communication with you - the customers who trusted us - for which we sincerely thank you!